Ink it! Jewelry Earrings and Necklace Set

This is a unique design presented with a style of fashion that you can choose. Ink it Jewelry is created with my own formula that I named the Chriset Stone. I can ink it with any color, a design or a photo. I can even ink a name into it. It will accent your perfect outfit at night or add a touch of shimmer to your busy day. This will also glow in the dark when charged in the sunlight.

  • Contact my at for size, shape, color or photo you would liked inked. You will be designing your own jewelry, I just make it.

Sunset Writings®
S.W. Creative Designs

Ink It! Jewelry Earrings and Necklace Set

  • Specification:
    Color : You Choose
    Chain Length: You Choose
    Pendant Size and Shape: You Choose


  • These are customized items. Each item is handmade. I will replace item if it is damaged upon recieved.  But if you are truely unhappy with item then I can refund you minus shipping. I do not want to make the price unreasonable due to my goal is to add light into your day.